Hong Kong Montessori Education was born in January 2015. It combines a series of internationally advanced preschool education methods with the essence of traditional Chinese education, and strives to create a unique international infant education model, focusing on the Montessori Education Kindergarten and Early Learning Center. Training, promotion, franchising and service work for early childhood education programs such as children's homes.

The brand has a sound education system, professional service system, strong technical support, rigorous and orderly team management system, effective marketing system, quick execution force incentive system, and information radar-based information network system. As a member of the China Montessori Association, he also has a CMS senior Montessori certified teacher team. The international vision of Montessori, parent-child, and sensory teachers is more than 20,000. It is a unique and scarce advantage education resource.

After two years of brand management, Mengshi Education has developed more than 200 early childhood education institutions, 500 business cooperation institutions, 500,000 early education members, and more than ten Mengshi R&D club members. It has been highly recognized and praised by the society, and has successively won the honorary titles of “China's Most Influential Education Brand”, “China Top 100 Innovation Culture Brand” and “China Early Education Social Influence Brand”.